The Aramark Building Community Academy supports community centers and practitioners working on the frontline of helping adults and families lead healthier lifestyles. By providing resources such as expert education and awareness programs including engaging healthy eating workshops, grants and recognition, the Academy enables community centers to help families change behaviors and achieve lasting results around health and wellness.

About the Academy

The Aramark Building Community Academy is a resource that helps enhance the operational and program excellence of community centers in the area of health and wellness.

The Academy provides center leaders and professionals with resources and tools to increase their effectiveness and capacity to meet the needs of families in diverse neighborhoods. Managed in partnership with the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, the Academy is a component of Aramark Building Community, the company's global volunteer and philanthropic program that inspires families to lead healthier lifestyles and empowers youth and adults to succeed at work in partnership with local community centers. The materials available through the Academy’s Health and Wellness Resource Library are part of Aramark’s Healthy for Life® 20 By 20 commitment to improve the health of Americans 20 percent by 2020  in collaboration with the American Heart Association (AHA). To learn more about this commitment please visit