The Aramark Building Community Academy is a new resource to help strengthen the impact of programs that help families and communities thrive. Visit the resource library for practical tools related to community health and wellness, and read more about the strategies for impact that community organizations can employ to achieve lasting results.

Strategies for Impact

Supporting Healthy Lifestyles

Family Level


Increasing access to healthy options

Neighborhood Level


Community-Wide Approaches to Health and Wellness

Community Level

About the Academy

The Aramark Building Community Academy is a forum to enhance the operational and program excellence of community centers in the areas of community health and wellness and employment. In its first year, the Academy’s focus is on helping people live healthier lifestyles and will expand over time to include helping adults and teens secure meaningful employment.

The Academy provides center leaders and professionals with resources and tools to increase their effectiveness and capacity to meet the needs of families in diverse neighborhoods. Managed in partnership with the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, the Academy is a component of Aramark Building Community, the company's strategic philanthropic and volunteer program dedicated to enriching the lives of vulnerable families around the world. We couple our employees' unique nutrition and culinary, job readiness, and facilities management skills with the strengths of each local community center to help tackle the widespread challenges of unemployment, rising costs of living, and health-related issues such as obesity and nutrition-related chronic disease.