Grant Opportunities


Aramark Building Community Academy Grants provide resources to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and capacity of community centers to meet their missions.  These grants enable community centers to strengthen and scale effective practices in community health and wellness programs that help families obtain the tools they need to live healthy lives.  Examples of programs that were funded which can be used to purport your health and wellness programs can be found Aramark Building Community Academy Grantees.

ABC Academy is now focused on replicable health and wellness practices and program elements.  Below is a current grant opportunity open to community centers to participate in the Academy’s learning community where materials have been provided that can be used to deepen impact and increase knowledge around effective practice in the field.

Health and Wellness in Action 

The refreshed ABC Academy has a new set of program resources designed to help families in communities increase healthy behaviors and habits.  Made available through the Aramark Healthy for Life 20 by 20 initiative which strives to improve the health of American’s 20 percent by 2020 in partnership with the American Heart Association.  The site now features new Healthy for Life science-based curriculum materials created with the American Heart Association.  The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities believe that these tools, when put into practice in a community context, can make a difference to parents, households and kids who want to make better choices about their health, but need some support and good information.  The tools are centered on the fundamentals of understanding individual health; kitchen basics; shopping for healthy food on a budget, and gardening and healthy eating.

We encourage Alliance member organizations to use these resources with the communities they serve.  To help support involvement and ongoing health and wellness programming with your organization, below are some suggestions on how to incorporate these materials into your own health and wellness programming, or available for use if you are looking to start health and wellness services.

Review and Download

Familiarize yourself with the website.

Download the Healthy For Life materials.

(Optional) Participate in Alliance sponsored learning sessions and communication pages regarding the site and materials.

Put it into Practice

Recruit at least 10-15 participants.

Host at least 3 of the Healthy For Life educational modules to use with program participants and/or community members.

Develop a plan to facilitate remaining modules to program participants and/or community members:

  • i.e. in-person workshops or demonstrations
  • Incorporation of the module materials into current programming
  • Frequency of the facilitation

Develop the Experience

Develop a facilitation plan outline and a brief description of how you will apply the tools, including what will be conducted and who will participate.

Try to take photos or videos of the module demonstration.

Note the impact story of how the HFL materials made a difference to program participants and/or community members.